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Getting employment agreements and HR compliance right

For many small and medium-sized companies, ensuring all your HR processes and documentation are in order and meet your legal obligations can be a tough challenge.


Boosting performance at Max Fashions

When it comes to doing performance reviews, there's nothing worse than being bogged down by a process that focusses on filling out screeds of paperwork instead of having meaningful conversations with your people.


7 common performance review mistakes

For many people, the term performance review conjures up a lot of negativity and even anxiety. This has become a such an issue that many HR pundits have been writing about the death of the performance review and how it is time to put a stop to them, once and for all.


10 strategies for motivating employees

Everyone agrees it's far better to have a team of motivated, engaged people at your workplace. The business will be more productive and more profitable.


90-day trial periods - Changes are coming.

This topic has had a lot of coverage recently, however I continue to receive many questions about it, so here’s another update on the law that won’t sit still.


The importance of performance reviews

If you did a quick whip-round of business-owners, managers, and employees, you'd be hard-pressed to find many fans of performance reviews.

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Top 5 employee benefits and perks

We spend a good proportion of our waking hours at work. Smart employers have realised that making your workplace an enjoyable, comfortable place to work makes great business sense.


Top 5 reasons why employment retention strategies are so important

Some businesses treat employees as if they are as easily replaceable as cogs in a machine: lose one or two and there are always plenty more to take their place.


Retaining key people while your company is  growing at 175%

Epicurean Dairy are a New Zealand-based gourmet dairy company, marketing their products under The Collective brand.


8 effective strategies for retaining skilled staff

The success of your business relies on the skill of your people.  Your top performers are the ones who make your company hum. Not only are they exceptionally capable and productive, they develop in-depth knowledge of your business, can fix things when they go wrong, and serve as examples to other employees.


Preparing for the Coming Wage Rises

All employers will be affected in some way by the coming rises to the minimum wage, not just those employing minimum wage workers. Planning and budgeting should be commencing now as there will be a knock-on effect for most NZ employees and employers.

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10 reasons top performers leave their jobs

Staff retention is vital to your company's success. Good employees help drive and grow your business.