Why MyHR

Jason Ennor, Co-founder and CEO at MyHR
by, Jason Ennor, Co-founder and CEO at MyHR

Why I decided to start my own business helping out other NZ businesses.

It’s fair to say many NZ businesses wouldn’t have an HR office. I began MYHR because I was frustrated to see many businesses out there not getting the support they need. Employers who are asking what to do about an employee who regularly fails to turn up to work without an excuse, how to handle staff that just can’t seem to get along with each other, how to better manage the process for hiring a new employee to get the best candidate for the job or at the other end of the spectrum how to deal with redundancies.

Of course business owners know how to run the operational side of their business – but when it comes to the people management side of things - it can be very unfamiliar territory. There are many businesses being run throughout the country who don’t have the need for a full-time HR employee, so when an employment issue arises – they just don’t have the tools to handle it.

Every week I read articles, opinion pieces and blogs about employment court decisions in which employers have had to pay out. MYHR is here to give businesses a steer in the right direction when it comes to employment processes and legal issues. MYHR is your HR department in the cloud, without the full-time employee costs, we provide secure online space where businesses can get:

  • Professional advice on all types of employment relations issues.
  • Quality and easy to follow employment documentation, up-to-date with current NZ employment law.
  • Electronic storage of all employment documentation in a secure, cloud-based system that you can access from anywhere, anytime.

And yes, I do know there are times when employment matters escalate to court and where professional legal help is required, these situations can be complex. But most employment issues are not.

In the 13 years I have been an HR manager working for several national and international corporations, the best piece of advice I could give any employer when things go wrong with an employee is, no matter how angry, hurt or let-down you feel, try to enter the process with a clear mind. Don’t get drawn into surmising, speculating or discussing the potential outcome and stick to the process.

My commitment to all employers is that MYHR will help get the basics right for your business in any employment matter and in a way that you can afford. MYHR and the MYHR blog is founded on our core principle: make HR easy.



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