Restructuring a growing business - Bluerock case study

Nick Stanley
by, Nick Stanley

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you restructure part or all of your business. Getting the proposal and process right is essential, as any miscue could see you at risk of setbacks, disputes, or personal grievance claims.

Auckland-based food import and distribution company, Bluerock, is well aware of the benefits of getting expert advice when restructuring.

The company has been growing rapidly in recent years and has made a number of acquisitions, prompting them to make some structural changes in merging the new businesses.

Bluerock General Manager, Mark Prenter, says being with MyHR has been instrumental in making sure they get the best outcome in every restructure.

“MyHR has been very helpful in coaching us through those situations and giving us the confidence that we’re going to get it right,” he says.

Their main goal has been ensuring the company has the correct team structures to consistently deliver quality products and service to its clients.


Mark says the business typically has a desired outcome in mind and gets MyHR to check over their plan and minimise any potential risks. MyHR also double-checks the clauses in individual employee agreements and provides Bluerock with all the supporting documentation for the restructure.

“All this really helps us execute once we’ve decided on a strategy.”

Throughout the restructuring process, MyHR keeps in close contact, checking response notes and making sure there isn’t anything that’s going to trip them up.

Experience counts

Being able to call upon MyHR’s knowledgeable, experienced team to bounce ideas off is invaluable, according to Mark.

Before signing up with MyHR 4 years ago, the family-owned business handled its people processes with a small, in-house team.

He says the wider scope of skills that MyHR brings to the table has been a boon for the business.

“If you come across a challenging situation or you just need some advice, picking up the phone and getting those answers as quickly and smoothly as possible has been instrumental.”

Simple, effective HR platform

Bluerock is also a big fan of MyHR’s centralised HR system, that streamlines bringing new staff into the business and tracking their performance.

“It makes it easy, following the templates, being able to say: ‘yep, dial in to MyHR, fill out all the paperwork and you’ll get a standardised contract’. And you can have confidence that it stipulates all the terms and conditions that we require.”

Bluerock sources top-quality food products from around the world, and many of the team are regularly on the road. MyHR’s cloud-based software ensures they can still access the employee information they need, regardless of location.

“We can dial in to the app at any time and have those records readily available from anywhere around the world, even if we’re travelling,” says Mark. “MyHR just makes our life easy on a lot of levels.”






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