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Sylvie Thrush Marsh, HR Advisor
by, Sylvie Thrush Marsh, HR Advisor

Is MyHR right for your business? The experts – our clients! – have spoken.

We asked some of our customers about their experiences with MyHR – what they love and what types of businesses they would recommend us to. Their feedback was broken down into key areas where MyHR has reduced administrative time, helped tackled tricky HR issues and made sure their businesses were compliant!

Quality of service MyHR provides 

What made you choose MyHR for your outsourced, on-demand HR consultancy and HR system?

For Deadly Ponies (team of 41), Auckland-based manufacturers and retailers of luxury leather goods, it was co-founder Jason Ennor who pointed them in our direction:

“It was Jason's genuine care for our company in that initial meeting that won us over. Not only did we believe the web app would help us manage our Human Resource details better - but we believed the MyHR team would care for our brand as much as we do,” confirmed Anna.

Cheyenne da Silva, owner of several sKids Afterschool Care franchises (team of 39), had a similar experience: “I met Jason at a sKids conference where he presented to all the franchisees! Head office was advocating that we choose MyHR, so to me, it was a no brainer. If we were going to outsource HR, it would be with MyHR.”

The Far North ITM (team of 20) Director Andy Moa explained: “In-house was no longer working for us. We have a small team and a dedicated HR team member wasn’t justified within our company’s budget. We agreed that the service was required to safeguard the business and indeed our employees.”

MyHR isn’t just about professional support – our software also helps businesses organise their files better and communicate more efficiently.

All the businesses we talked to found managing information easier with the online document and data storage service, and the instant messaging system has made communication faster – fewer headaches and all around!

Rachel Ng, Global Head of Talent at 90 Seconds (110 international employees): “The messaging function on the web app means timely responses from the team to make sure our business isn’t slowed down by HR issues.” 

Cheyenne from sKids particularly found the HR information management helpful: “Being able to log on and find someone's start date – or the date their IEA was signed – and not having to dig though files and files to find what I need. I like that it's all online, even former employees.”

Andy at Far North ITM uses the MyHR messaging as a database of previous questions and support: “I get instant access to support for curly issues. I can send questions through and then carry on knowing that the MyHR team are working on an outcome. I can return to my computer to see where we are at and download relevant documentation. It also means I also have a database of issues and good feedback in one repository for two branches of our business that is backed up and available 24/7.”

MyHR support includes:

  • On-demand HR consulting from qualified experts
  • Legally compliant employment agreements
  • Company policies
  • Restructuring and redundancies
  • Disciplinary and dismissals
  • Performance Reviews
  • Leave Management
  • Health & Safety advice
  • Cloud based HR Software 

What issues have the team helped you address and resolve?

Glenn Edley, director at Spike (team of 7), recently restructured his business with support from MyHR: 


“The MyHR team was a HUGE help during a restructure. The extra phone calls and ‘coaching’ provided during those calls by the MyHR team helped me navigate through a tough time for the Spike team. The scripts, calls and messaging kept me on point and made the hard conversations easier than they could have been.”

Rachel at 90 Seconds appreciates the cross-national support:“We have had a number disciplinary procedures – both serious and not serious, not only in NZ but in other jurisdictions that the team has supported us. They truly feel like an extension of our own team.”

Growing business Deadly Ponies are coming up against new issues and questions every day: “The MyHR team have helped us address every issue under the sun over the last 12 months. It feels like we have had to deal with multiple curveballs that we just didn't have before since we signed up.

Maternity leave confusion was sorted easily and with clear advice, a recent restructure ran smoothly with the help of the MyHR team, and staff accountability was addressed in a smooth manner.”

Cheyenne at sKids singled out the warmth and professionalism of our team of HR experts: “More than once I've been on the phone with Sylvie and she’s calmed me right down and assured me the situation is not as bad as it seems. I never feel like I'm being rushed off the phone, or that I'm annoying, or clueless for asking too many questions or clarifying that one last time. ALL MyHR staff are incredibly patient and knowledgeable and can bring you right back to reality when you're worried or stressed about a situation.“


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What’s your favourite part of the service?

“Having on-demand Human Resources advice in jurisdictions we’re not experts in is a life-saver, and HR administration saves us time and resources internally.” Rachel at 90 Seconds.

Deadly Ponies: “Definitely having HR full-time, without having to hire HR full-time – it’s the best of both worlds. It means we just input details for a contract to be written up, and we can address a serious concern with support of qualified staff. We rely on the MyHR team to be fully read-up and aware of all legalities that relate to Human Resource management.”

sKids: “so many! My absolute fave is having the stress and worry taken out of HR. This is not what I'm good at, and I don't want to get it wrong (for our sake AND for our incredible employees). Thanks for doing all the hard work for us so we can do what we do best!”

What businesses would you recommend MyHR to?

Deadly Ponies: “We have recommended MyHR’s program to several of our external relations in PR, media, and administration. The MyHR team have become a huge part of who we are – we don't know how we got by before.”

Far North ITM: “I have spoken to many business owners about our experiences with MyHR. Some seem very interested, some have alternate providers, and some you dont want to deal with!”

Spike: “I would recommend any size business have a hard look at their HR costs and then compare them to MyHR. In my situation the service I receive far outweighs the cost. Being kept up to date and confident my employees have the best information presented to them makes HR easy for me.”

The complete outsourced HR solution 

Businesses all around New Zealand are choosing MyHR as their outsourced HR team; with over 10,000 employees across more than 600 clients, our team are untangling HR issues every day and finding the “just right” solutions for the managers and business owners that we support.

With your HR information, quick responses to questions, and employee records at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to be compliant with NZ requirements and to make HR, easy. No matter how many staff you
have – let’s talk. Your business, MyHR.



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