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10 reasons top performers leave their jobs

Employee retention is vital to your company's success. Good employees help drive and grow your business.

The perfect HR system for your business and staff management

Is MyHR right for your business? The experts – our clients! – have spoken.


Preparing for the end of trial periods.

If you use 90-day trial periods it might be time to start thinking about removing this practice from your business.


When to promote an Employee

A key factor in successful business ownership and management, at all sizes and in all industries, is managing your people well and ensuring that everyone’s career is progressing as expected/desired.

Can you talk about politics at work?

We’re almost at the end of one of the most closely fought and engaging elections in New Zealand for a long time. Sadly, we are still suffering from low voter registration in some key demographics, which is a problem faced by many democracies.


Popularity and Leadership

Andrew Little resigned after poor results in the pre-election polls. Can business leaders learn anything from leadership churn within political parties?


How bad management and poor culture can ruin your business's reputation

Over the last few weeks 3 major employment issues have resulted in reputation damage and significant, unnecessary cost to 3 well-known organisations: Todd Barclay and the National Party. Matt McCarten and the Labour Party. Travis Kalanick and Uber.


10 ways to develop and maintain a strong company culture

While the term culture might be easy to define in nice words, it can be much harder to grab hold of in daily business. It can fall into the space of “fluffy HR” and can be easily ignored or forgotten when times get tough.

SOFTWARE UPDATES / Payroll & Leave Management

Payroll partner FlexiTime

We are excited to announce our new integration with one of New Zealand’s best payroll software providers - FlexiTime.


Workplace Drug Testing

The issues of drugs at work is a major concern to many employers. But how significant is this problem in New Zealand workplaces?


A short guide to Public Holidays

Here we are again, it happens every year and since the Holidays Act 2003 came into force many kiwi employers struggle to get this right.


Is your business in the Department of Labour's sights?

From April 1st this year all employers must have updated employment agreements or letters of amendment reflecting the new laws introduced last year, specifically; hours of work and Health and Safety.