MyHR Software Update - April 2019

Sylvie Thrush Marsh, HR Advisor
by, Sylvie Thrush Marsh, HR Advisor

We're pleased to announce that we've deployed a software change to make an employee's salary/wage rate not immediately visible to a manager or owner.

The rate was previously shown by default, but now the user viewing the employee's details will need to click "Show" on the left-hand side to see it:


image005 (2)


Once visible, the user will just need to click "Hide" to hide the value again:


image006 (2)


The change is in response to business feedback about the default salary/wage visibility. As always, we'd like to thank everyone who provided feedback; it guides our priorities so we can make our software better and better.
This change will also be rolled out to employee self-service, so that when an employee logs in, their salary/wage will not be visible by default. We'll let you know when this has been done.
Any questions, please call the team on 0800 69 47 69 or use the "Ask Us" function on the website.



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