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Is your business in the Department of Labour's sights?

Jason Ennor, Co-founder and CEO at MyHR

by Jason Ennor, Co-founder and CEO at MyHR
March 14, 2017

From April 1st this year all employers must have updated employment agreements or letters of amendment reflecting the new laws introduced last year, specifically; hours of work and Health and Safety.

This is a major headache for most employers and no April fools joke!

Employers may not be able to require staff to work extra hours, without new hours of work clauses.

If health and safety information is not updated employers could face considerable penalties if there is an incident, including fines or jail time.

Any clauses that currently restrict secondary employment may now be unlawful and such clauses may need to be removed from employment agreements.

Deductions from wages can be challenged without adequate consultation and written agreement, making it difficult to recover money that you have legitimately lost due to an employee’s actions.

Without good quality, up-to-date employment documents employers face many risks, this could undermine the entire employment relationship and cost you money.

Contact MyHR today and we’ll make sure your business gets through these challenges and complies with current employment law.

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Picture of Jason Ennor, Co-founder and CEO at MyHR

Jason Ennor, Co-founder and CEO at MyHR

14 years of international experience in large organisations, with geo-dispersed workforces; Jason has a breadth of experience from fast paced day-to-day HR management to long term business strategy development and government consultation. Jason launched MyHR in 2013 with a vision to change the face of HR. MyHR is intuitive, easy-to-use, online HR software, coupled with a team of dedicated HR professionals, providing customised support to over 600 organisations who employ 10,000 people in NZ, Australia, UK and Singapore.