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Jason Ennor, Co-founder and CEO at MyHR
by, Jason Ennor, Co-founder and CEO at MyHR

Learn how to use MyHR performance reviews to achieve the results you are after.

Performance reviews are an effective way to track individual progress, provide your people with feedback, support their development and align individual performance with company goals, which in-turn helps the business achieve results.

Unfortunately, performance reviews often become cumbersome, bureaucratic processes that do not add any value and simply create a burden of paperwork that frustrates everybody.

MyHR Performance Reviews are designed to help you focus on the things that matter. Our focus is on talking to your people and delivering results, not filling out forms!

We have a pain-free process, made easy by our software and backed up by our team of experts. At any stage during the process we are available to help you set up and manage the performance review process.

Getting started

Not everybody will benefit from a formal performance review. Selecting the right positions in your organisation is important.

Positions that have a genuine opportunity to deliver over-and-above results should have a review. Positions characterised routine work patterns, that rarely change probably don’t need a formal review; performance management happens daily.

Once you are clear on who you will be reviewing, speak to the employee/s, log-in to MyHR and follow these easy steps:

Watch a tutorial on how to setup a performance review.

Select person/team to review

Select “Review” on the launchpad, click “Add Review” and choose the person or department you want to complete the review for (yes, you can set up multiple reviews at once!).

Define review period

Define the time period this can be any period you wish. Many reviews take place over a full financial or calendar year, with regular check-ins throughout. Or you may align the review to a specific project or seasonal time frame.

Set reminders

Set the reminder this will remind you when the review period is coming to an end.

Define your goals, skills, & development plan

Add Skills and Competencies. You can add your own or use our software database or call our awesome team for help. Skills and Competencies are the behaviours and technical skills the employee needs in order to achieve their objectives.

Complete the Development Plan using our support or your own input. The Development Plan details the learning the employee will undertake (on their own or supported by the company) to improve their skills and help achieve the objectives. The Development Plan doesn’t only have to be training courses. On-the-job learning can be very valuable, such as covering somebody else’s position in the company.

Add objectives

You can use our comprehensive database to help you by clicking “select from MyHR examples”, or you can call our team for help or you can add your own. Objectives are the things the employee needs to do to be successful in their job.

Remember the SMART acronym to make the objectives Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound.

We recommend 5 objectives for each performance period, they should be additional performance measures such as “achieve 20% growth in sales this financial year” not the basics of the job such as “turn up on time”.

Save a draft

At any stage in this process you can save to draft if you need to gather more information and come back to the review.

Submit review

Once the review is submitted your employees will be able to see the full review details in their employee self-service area of MyHR. None of the content of the review should be a surprise as you will have already talked to them about the plan for the year.

Add a check-in

Add a “check-in” reminder by selecting the person, then clicking “+ Add reminder”. This will prompt you to catch-up with your employees regularly during the review period.

These check-ins are very important as they keep you in touch with your people. Speak to them about what is going well and what is not working, understand their challenges and their success. This will add enormous value to your business and the relationship.

Editing a review

If things change during the year, you can amend the review by selecting “Edit Goals/Cycle”

Watch a short tutorial on how to edit a performance review.

Completing the review

When it is time to complete the review, remember the focus will be on speaking to your people about their success and the areas where improvement is needed.

Watch a tutorial on completing a performance review

Submit for employee’s self-assessment

Before the meeting with the employee log in and click “complete cycle”.

Rate the performance yourself and submit. This will prompt the employee to complete a self-assessment (they don’t yet see your assessment).

Joint assessment

You can now see both your own results and the employee’s together. This is the basis for the meeting with the employee. Talk to them about the results, get their input, identify how you can do the good things more often and how you can minimise the not-so-good things.

Finalise the results and you can now start a new review period, all the details of the last one will automatically copy across and you can edit them to suit the needs of the new year.

MyHR 5-point scale

  1. Exceptional, exceeded all expectations.
  2. Great, above target.
  3. Good, just where it needs to be.
  4. Okay, improvement needed.
  5. Poor.

This scale has been very deliberately designed this way. It does not allow for a “mediocre” measure. The middle score of 3 must represent the on-target achievement of the goal.

4 is worthy of additional recognition while 2 may be a call for some additional training, support, and feedback.

5 is a fantastic result and identifies somebody who may need additional reward and this person certainly needs to be retained.

1 should seldom be given because a person performing at this level should have already been given the chance to improve or may need to be removed from the role (or company) before the review cycle is complete.



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